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Various Artists - The Spanish Lady Sings
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Dufay Collective - Muit, Amar
Hespèrion XX - Schein: Banchetto Musicale #16 - 3. Corente
Jordi Savall: Hespèrion XX - Mudarra: Romance - Conde Claros
Capella De Ministrers, Carles Magraner & Mara Aranda - La roza enflorese
Ronn McFarlane - Beck: Cutte Spoon & Tree Ladie
Paul O'Dette - Cuthbert Hely: Fantasia
The York Waits - Chestnut/Lull me Beyond Thee/The Milke-mayds Bobb/The Chirping of the Nightingale
Fretwork & Christopher Wilson - Cutting/Byrd: Pavana Bray
Capella de Ministrers - - Spagna tuta de fuge - Vicenzo Capirola. Mss.h.1520